A Healthy Paradigm

It Starts in Your Gut...
To change our lives, we must first change our minds. But what makes up our thoughts? We could say our experiences or emotions or the situations we find ourselves in, or any number of internal and external possibilities, but when we get right down to it, our thoughts are chemical reactions set off by the complex interplay of a variety of nerve cells, each with specialized tasks. But what makes up these cells and where do all those chemical come from?!
 Discover the right foods for their body types and activity levels, to power up and clear their thoughts, energize their bodies and strengthen their intuition; making the setting and achieving of goals a cinch! 
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Safe Space and Anti-Oppression
In order to grow into the truest versions of ourselves we need safe spaces, free of triggering, judgement, shame and oppression. We all, knowingly or unknowingly, contribute to deeply entrenched systems of privilege and oppression. Our experiences are intersectional, meaning we all experience a unique blend of privilege and oppression dependent on the intersections of our various identities. eg: I experience white, cis, thin-framed, able-bodied and often hetero-passing privileges but none of those labels on their own can fully express my experience of privilege, and the reality of my experience as a queer woman who grew up very poor also influences the totality of my individual experience. Put quite simply, we are all unique snowflakes on every level of existence.
It is important to note that snow is not harmless, even in it's mindless drifting and seemingly peaceful resting place among it's peers. Snow piles up, blocks roads and has the power to destroy buildings and landmasses, to take down power lines and generally wreak havoc. Privilege is like snow, it piles up, especially when we're not paying attention, wreaking havoc. Below is an excerpt from an Andrea Gibson poem "When the Bough Breaks" that beautifully illustrates the interconnection of personal and societal well-being.... 


Doctor, our insanity is not that we see people who aren't there.

It's that we ignore the ones who are.

Till we find ourselves scarred and ashamed

walking into emergency rooms at two a.m.

flooded with a pain we cannot name or explain

because we are bleeding from the outside in.

Skin is not impervious.

Cultures built on greed and war do not pick and choose who they



We all fill the graves.
Do we really believe our need for Prozac
has nothing to do with Baghdad,
with Kabul, with the Mexican border,
with the thousands of US school kids
bleeding through budget cuts that will never heal

to fuel war tanks?
Thank God for denial.

I hope that since you're here today, your done with denial. We cannot stop our own suffering until we can acknowledge our interconnection and stop hurting everyone else. We can do this by owning our privileges & how they affect our experience of and in the world, then wielding those privileges with awareness and humility. It is my honor to work with my clients through this challenging, multifaceted process with compassion. Facing the way we oppress others is painful at first, shameful at least but it MUST BE DONE if we are ever to cease these harmful actions, destroy these systems of power and move forward as a HUMAN RACE. 

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Authentic Experience
We have all been socialized to believe so many things about ourselves, our communities, our choices, our loves and our lives. I see these beliefs build up like a shell around us, stiffening as we grow into them. Some find comfort in their shell, others find suffocating confinement. I have found that those of us suffocating oft have shells made up of miles of shame.
I create space for my clients to question everything. By getting clear on our actual beliefs, we are beginning the process of uncovering our authentic selves. Authenticity is like a muscle, it must be stretched and used to strengthen into a viable source of power. I offer stable support in the sometimes difficult and often vulnerable acts of expressing ones authentic self and I celebrate with my clients every step of the way. 

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Relationship Skillz
Raise your hand if you had a wide variety of healthy adult relationships to inspire you as a child. Is it up in the air? Waving like it just don't care?! Mine's not. I'm actually sitting on my hands right now. That is to say, I don't know anybody who was socialized with a full set of relationship skills eg: seeking, attracting and retaining healthy lovers, instituting healthy boundaries and exercising strong communication skills. So why do we all get SO UPSET when our relationships fail?! As if we were doing everything perfectly. American society does not support our infinite hearts, so the way I see things, it's up to us to do that for each other. 

Once my clients have begun to dissolve their Shame Shells and step out into their Authentic Selves they begin to discover and attract more people who live in-line with their ideals; making the formation of new and empowering relationships relatively easy.  I also work with my clients to establish healthy boundaries, get clear on the relationship style(s) that are most comfortable for them and the communication skills that will sustain those new, healthy relationships.
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The Neat Thing

The neat thing about all of this work is that it's SOOO interconnected. Discovering the perfect foods to energize and enhance our lifestyles will clear up our thought processes so we have space and strength to begin uncovering and acknowledging our privileges; getting super clear on who and what and where we are in our worlds. Once we begin that work it becomes so much easier to question every other aspect of our lives and really uncover our authentic selves. Once we begin that work we start attracting people inline with those ideals and intentions. Next thing we know, our lives are full of people who share our values and value our experiences, we are able to feel safe enough to open up and make ourselves vulnerable to those people, and that my dear, is the path to the truest of loves. 
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