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Trusted Retailers
Gainesville, Fl
Established in 1982, Wild Iris Books is currently the only feminist book store still open in the state of Florida. This store reminds us that the story of our truest selves are what we make them. They are dedicated to providing the tools and resources we all need to fully embrace our empowerment and joy. And you don't have to be in Gainesville to appreciate or support their work, you can shop online 24 hours a day!

Body and Energy Workers
Rusty Poulette
-Deep Tissue Massage
-Neuro-Muscular Therapy-Polarity

Gainesville, Fl
Rusty is a local massage therapist, facilitator of the Gainesville Icarus Project and editor of Alt Health a collectively published newsletter that highlights alternative, affordable, and community oriented health care options in the Gainesville community. Rusty’s massage practice focuses on the physical and emotional aspects of muscle tension. Discounts available for low-income clients. Call 561.236.0523 to schedule an appointment.


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The background image of Romanesco Cauliflower is used under Creative Commons Licensing. Credit and appreciation to Paul Albertella, though I did modify the image some to suit my needs.


  • This is a thorough, scholarly resource and strong introduction to the concept of Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis, which is essentially intersectionality in action, in public policy.  It's got a lot of straightforward definitions and some great visual aides. 

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