I've told you a lot about myself, here's what everyone else has to say...

Personalized Coaching

I am a musician and activist in Gainesville, Fl. Like many activists, I was spreading myself too thin (there is ALWAYS injustice to fight) and not taking care of ME. At the time my husband was running for office, and having heretofore been a rocker chick who didn't care what people thought of me, it was stressful, to say the least. I met Brandi in passing at a Free Skool meeting, a few months later I saw her in a crosswalk and stopped to talk to her for three whole red lights. I immediately felt a connection. She is a present, compassionate person who meets you where you are; a gem in this day and age. Initially, I worried about the time and money that goes into self-care, but soon realized that if I don't care for myself, I won't have anything left with which to care for others.
When I started working with Brandi, I *thought* we were going to deal with nutrition and health, but it was soooo much more! Brandi's approach was so well rounded. We addressed *all* of me: mind, body, and spirit, not just pieces and parts. I really enjoyed what I called "homework," the recommendations and action steps Brandi gave at the end of every session. It wasn't always easy, but just having it brought so much awareness to my process; and since it was MY process, I was free from guilt (healthier areas; it was fun and creative!
We worked together for something like 2 years, but they flew by. I knew our work together was complete when I conquered my fear and cut my hair into a punk rock crew-cut! Old Trish never could have done that. (Old Trish was missing out! this 'do rocks!) Now, I am more aware. I am more compassionate with myself, and in turn, with others. I am less fearful and my eating habits - which I thought were pretty good - are not only more green and healthy and local, but I have become a more interesting cook. (My hubby and mother would rather eat at home than anywhere else!) I still struggle with it, but am *aware* that I need to drop the "shoulds" from my internal narrative. (self-talk) Brandi is so good at what she does. She brings such love and acceptance to each session, while not letting you "...get away with crap," or gloss over things. Many a time I was blowing through things at a breakneck pace and she'd be like, "Whoa! back up. What was THAT?" and I'd have to address something that mattered that I didn't even know was there. (She's like a self-awareness coach with a whistle: "foul!")

-Trisha Ingle aka Mama Trish


"I'm very grateful to Brandi for her workshop on abundance. I was going through a rough time and she helped me refocus my energy on the good in my life. She also got me looking forward again to new opportunities, instead of looking back at what I had lost. Now things in my life are better than ever and I know how important the workshop was to me. It gave me the courage to seek out new opportunities and helped me be more open and ready for them as they came along. Thanks, Brandi!"

-Meg T.

Venues and Organizations who Host my Inner-Work Workshops

"Wild Iris Books is Florida’s only feminist bookstore. In addition to supporting independent and diverse authors and readers, we create an event calendar dedicated to holding empowering feminist centered spaces. I was excited to offer Brandi’s inner-work workshop series, what we feel is a vital service, especially within marginalized populations. Often times self-care is seen as extravagant, expensive and unattainable. Having Brandi speak to our customers was an amazing way to show people how to use their means and their passion to improve the quality of their life.

What I remember liking the most about working with Brandi is that there was a lot of passion, commitment to doing the work and an understanding of the power of advertising and promotion. It was so helpful to have Brandi on the ground, handing out fliers and personally inviting people. Using both of our powers for good we were able to reach our regulars and bring some newcomers to the space. Attendees were grateful and excited to be a part of the presentation. When people are searching and they find the tools and resources to become more empowered in their lives, it’s always a pleasure to watch. Seeing people find new ideas and new ways to be creates an environment of learning and growth. The take-aways were real changes that people could actually incorporate right away. Like knowing that self-care is not selfish, repeat self-care is not selfish. Healthy doesn't have to equal expensive. All of us deserve to inhabit a body we feel good in and we have to treat that body as kindly as we possibly can.

I would absolutely recommend Brandi’s inner-work workshops to other spaces and organizations – health, managing life tracks, and taking care of your body are very important skills that we don’t always celebrate in our societies and schools. Workshops like these can change lives and show people a path to a better, healthier, happier version of themselves."

-Erica Merrell, Co-Owner Wild Iris Books

And My Community...

"In working with Gainesville's Civic Media Center since co-founding it in 1993, I have had the privilege of meeting and seeing many people plug into the volunteer pipeline that keeps it running. Some stay around, some move on, but it is not many who really "get" the place and make a difference. As a high energy and positive person, Brandi stands out from the crowd, but she also saw and cared about the weekly Poetry Jam, devoted herself to it, and helped it into a resurgence; a more inclusive and open space where creativity could bloom. She cared about the Jam, and in doing so she herself grew and was able to bloom in her own self-expression. Her calling, her self-awareness, love and empathy can help others live better, and work through and beyond the attitudes and hang ups which can hold people back from self-actualization and fulfillment in their lives."

-Joe Courter- Board Member and Co-Founder of the Civic Media Center